Request Services Here

Drop a note to clinical psychologist Dr. Weisman. Be sure to include:

1. Scheduling limitations and whether you are open to video therapy (video therapy opens availability); no in person appointments available at this time

2. Insurance company or whether you are self-pay (at this time, only Lyra Health insurance is being accepted; updated as of 9/30/2020).

3. Sending information about reason for coming to therapy is not necessary and not recommended, but if you choose to send private information via email/internet/text, please be brief (e.g., one or two words; depression, anxiety). IMPORTANT: Confidentiality can never be fully guaranteed when discussing matters via internet, phone/text message.  It is this providers recommendation that you not send details of your current situation and discuss your private information during the intake evaluation.

Phone: (619) 880-5711      Fax: (844) 322-8886


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